Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Time does not change EVERYTHING, WHY?

I have not wanted to think about it, although I always feel guilty for what happened. but did not change anything of my mind. yes, she was a woman who never left my mind. I was tired, and no longer wants to make her afraid, even run away or commit suicide because of me. I sometimes think that this is the path that God may give to get my best mate. but what she did? but time has turned the wheel of my journey with her. 2 years 7 months I have left behind the woman. may indeed be a hard slap that made her heart do not want me back. but really I want to hope again. personality that makes me have to yield. I love her, but time has a long spin. I should be able to forget about her from my mind. then what should I do?

Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

write about the day

I feel so happy today. because I know there are different things later. I understand the time being I live is not the time to be wasted. then I have courage to determine what should I live today. I was me, and not be replaced by anyone.